One of my favorite books to read to the students in October is Hallowiener by Dave Pilkey because of my own little sausage dog, Scout. By October, my students can connect my love for the book to my own dog. As a result, they're very excited and extra engaged in the already hilarious and captivating picture book.

I always tie our current book to our weekly writing for Writers Workshop. Personally, I like to use the same book for the week when writing about it because the students are able to soak up more information from the text. (Note* We do read other books during the way - I just shift our writing focus to the one title per week.)

My writing block is first thing in the morning and it goes by ever-so quickly, so I like to "chunk" our days to ensure the lesson flows during the week. We always start with our mentor text selection on Monday. Afterward, we have a whole group retell and partner talk discussion.

The next day, we start with a quick oral retell of our story and start our anchor chart. (The anchor chart styles vary - teacher lead, skill focus, interactive, etc.) For this particular book, our focus was on the "dislikes" in a text, so I quickly script the students dislikes as shared. (Students provide beginning sounds to words) As each dislike was shared, we paused as a class and tied our book feelings to our own feelings to make text-to-self connections.

On day three, I modeled the writing expectation for the students. I like to switch up my format between anchor chart paper at the carpet and using student writing paper. For this lesson, I decided to use actual writing paper and project my thinking/writing on the screen. I modeled for the students how to go back to the anchor chart for help coming up with an idea. Then, I model counting the words in my sentence, sounding out the words, using finger spaces, capital letter, and an end mark. I have the students mention what they notice in my sentence - like: "I see a period at the end" or "I notice finger spaces" Once the expectation has been established, the students tell me one by one as I pass out paper what their topic will be using our anchor chart.

Day four, the students wrap up their writing by adding extra sentences, revising, reading their writing to me, and adding their craft piece! At the end of the block, we sit on the carpet and a few students will share their writing piece.

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