Magnetic Letter Soup Center

Do you have an abundance of magnetic letters and like your students to get hands on letter and word work practice with them? My students love working on a magnetic surface to show their thinking. Any easy way for students to work with a cheap and user friendly surface is by purchasing a set of the $1 cookie pans from Dollar Tree.

If you think magnetic letters and a $1 cookie pan is easy enough... then, I've got a soup center pack for you and your students that will sharpen their letter recognition & naming skills, sight word spelling & identification skills, and CVC along with word family blending skills.

Letter Identification using Matching: Aa or AA 

Sight Word Practice: Includes 144 Sight Words

CVC Building - Triple or Double Spinners

Download your copy of the Phonics Soup Center Pack from my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop for all your back to school needs. 

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