DIY LEGO Surface

Ever wanted a LEGO building space in your classroom but lack the physical room to offer one to your students? My classroom recently had a slight reno and now has less learning space than ever before. A LEGO wall or coffee table has been a dream for about a year now... but sadly, it was not physically possible this school year. In order to give my students this vision, I decided to DIY it to make a makeshift faux tabletop that would be moveable during centers.

What you'll Need:
  • Base Plates (Mine are LEGO brand from Target)
  • Dry Erase Foam Board (Target)
  • Velcro - I bought Industrial Strength (Walmart)

To begin, I placed my baseplates in the four corners of the foam board and left the middle strip white. I pre-cut roughly 4 inch strips of velcro. I cut 8 strips in all and used two for each baseplate. I placed them horizontally at the top and bottom of each plate and stuck directly onto the foam surface.

Once completed, I had two sides for building and the middle for writing or solving problems. Since it's on foam, students can easily pick it up and move the board to a regular tabletop and put away once finished with the activity.

To grab the resource in the photos - you can click this link to download it on my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop. 

Enjoy and Happy Learning! 

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