LEGO Wall Mount + Labels

A quick tutorial and a building block FREEBIE for your storage bins!

Honestly, I did not see a LEGO wall in my classroom future due to a newly painted wall and limited vertical space. However, I finally figured out a safe surface way to adhere the LEGO building plates without totally ruining the flat paint on my classroom media wall.

Since my base plates were previously lined with industrial strength velcro, I wanted to keep that function for them in case of removal and working in a different area of the classroom. With this, I decided to try out sticking scotch painters tape to my painted wall and lining it with small velcro dots for easy sticking to my velcro lined plates. I'm happy to say that it worked and these babies are up and mounted for word building and problem solving for my kindergarten students.

We have 5 plates up and 5 cheap storage buckets from the Dollar Tree. I made a label, cut & laminated it and hot glued it on to keep this high traffic area nice and organized. If you'd like to scoop up these free labels - click here.

Building CVC's

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