President Research and Crafting

I'm so excited to spend a week exploring and researching different Presidents and the White House. With no school on President's Day, I'm taking advantage of the other 4 days of the week to engage my kindergarten students in sharpening their 21st century skills - research style with the app PebbleGo.

Go ahead, pull out all your President books and charge up those Ipads because I have a fun resource for your K-2 classroom that is sure to give your students some heart eyes for the week.

I plan on starting our week with a President read aloud using both JFK (I'm in Dallas) and Barack Obama. Post reading, I will let my students in on the secret of how we will be researching Presidents this week. Since I want to expose my students to great books, I'm going to offer all of these books in a center for sight word and presidential word writing. (Our research will happen together - but this will be part of our ELAR center rotation for the week)

Students will use these books (and some fun heart eye glasses) to find their weekly sight words and write them in this simple foldable keepsake. To link it back to research, I want my students to "retrieve" and hunt Presidential words, too. On the Red, White and Blue banner, I used an expo to write a word that they will need to find in the books, too.

Meanwhile, I will be conducting whole group research with my kids! Since we started the week reading Barack Obama, he is who we will research whole group using PebbleGO. Each student gets a graphic organizer as we glide through our learning. I always project the image of the organizer on my white board and split the screen with it and PebbleGo so that we can write and read at the same time. We listen/read and discuss each piece of our graphic organizer. Students will table talk and we will write their findings. I do this so my students know the how to and expectation for their solo research.
The next day, I will have my students pick a President or the White House and research solo for information retrieval practice.

To wrap up the week and reflect, students will use what they have learned to complete a writing craft to display in our classroom that showcases their skills and learned facts!

To get all of these resources to engage your kiddos in President and White House research - click here to head to my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 

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