Rainbow Research + Freebie

Are your students curious about rainbows? I can tell you, mine kinder friends surely are! They want to know about the colors and why we don't see them each day. To best address their curiosity and answer those burning questions, we are going to spend a week exploring rainbows with the support of the learning app, PebbleGo and write in a research flipbook.   

We will start our week with a simple KWL chart to see what we know and wonder. Day 2, we will dig into our research with PebbleGo and this FREE flipbook.

We will spend 2 days researching rainbows with PebbleGo and finish up our booklet. Personally, I LOVE mixing whole group and small table group learning as much as I can in my classroom. To do so, I project an image of the resource and split my screen with PebbleGo. I pose the research question to my whole group, quickly remind them about the toggles to help them, and let them work with their table groups to retrieve that information. After a few minutes, I use a call & response to get them back with all eyes on the screen and let a table group share their findings. Together, we will write our answer - this way, I know all my learners have been supported and all students feel successful with the activity.

To make our week even more special, I'm going to throw in a few really fun and COLORFUL projects after our research is completed. From TPT author, Brooke Brown, I plan on using her STEM building resource to make a rainbow with play-dough and pipe cleaners. A second fun project comes from the blog, The STEM Lab. It's a walking water rainbow experiment using food coloring, paper towels, and water cups. 

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