What better way to bring life to and promote a 1980's reading program than using LEGO to create an eye-catching display! At the moment, my LEGO loving brain cannot think of any! As an avid LEGO lover and book fan, I'm thrilled to marry the two and incorporate them into the library to support the Texas Bluebonnet Program.

Every year, there are 20 books selected for the Bluebonnet Reading Program that targets third grade to sixth grade students (there are many lists that encompass other grade levels, too).  Basically, the library can enroll into the program that will allow students to use their voice and VOTE for the winner. The goal of the program is the encourage reading for fun and help students spark up convo's about the literature. You can learn more about the program, and others, over on the TLA website and find some freebies (like the ones pictured below).

Like I said, the Texas Bluebonnet Program has been going strong since 1980 and it's one that I would love to learn more about and promote within the library to encourage students to read, discuss literature, use their voice to cast a vote and have fun in the process. For the display, it was my goal to VISUALLY draw my readers to the book display by promoting with a Texas flag and bluebonnets. While at the display, the students will be able to see book covers and ideally scan some QR codes to learn more about the titles that are the on the Bluebonnet master list to encourage selection and participation in the program.

Creating the Display with LEGO

The best part of LEGO is that it's all math based, so I quickly drew out my vision and calculated how many bricks that I would need for roughly 10-12 bluebonnets as well as some red, white, and blue bricks to support 2 base plates in creating my Texas flag.

Here's what I used:

  • 2 Green Base Plates (32 x 32 Studs)
  • 86 Red 2x4 
  • 86 Blue 2x4
  • 86 White 2x4
*for the star, I found some small angled pieces and played with them until it formed the best star

*Based of 12 Bluebonnets

  • 30 Dark Blue 2x4
  • 30 Light Blue 2x4
  • 12 White 2x2
  • 48 Green 2x2

For any LEGO piece that I create, I like to visit my local LEGO location and fill a cup of bricks with the pieces that I need for my design. *Buyers tip: if you snap your bricks and stack them, you can fit about 120-150 (depending on size) into the cup. Large cups are $15 and small cups are $10.

For this particular display, I did spend around $60 but felt the outcome would support my library vision, impact the readers, and be a great piece to have year-after-year to promote the Texas Bluebonnet Program. Personally, I'm TOTALLY smitten with the end result and cannot wait to put it on an easel with some amazing books from the master list.

*this post is NOT affiliated with LEGO in any capacity, I just truly love the company and using bricks in education to reach my kiddos! 

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