Paper Mice Bookmark

Simon & Schuster books has released a beautiful new children's book called, Paper Mice written by Megan Lloyd and illustrated by Phoebe Wahl. The story itself has an old, nostalgic childhood feel. The pages are splashed with a French blue and rusty orange color palette that include yummy patterns that seem inspired by vintage wallpapers that give each page some extra texture.

The story starts with a young girl and her grandmother making paper mice at the kitchen table. As a girl who grew up with paper dolls, I immediately reverted back to my own childhood. After the mice were made and named, they were stored in-between the pages of some stacked books to keep them flat.

But during the night, the mice didn't lay flat. Instead, they came out to wander and explore the house until one night they found one another and a sweet friendship was formed between the duo.

The message and the illustrations of the book are heart-warming, beautiful, and feel so special to the reader. With this, I wanted the special moment to last longer and help families & readers create their own Paper Mice memories to promote wandering within other books, too.

I decided to whip up a FREE paper mice bookmark template using vintage school papers to match the nostalgic vibe of the story, Paper Mice. Simply print, cut, and hole punch at the base to loop some string/yarn to create the tail - and there you have it, a Paper Mice inspired bookmark!

* I did use cardstock to create my mice

I hope your curious paper mouse will help you explore and travel to some new literature pieces this summer. Grab your FREE template here

Happy reading!

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