Magnetic Letter Essentials

I've always been a fan of using magnetic alphabet letters in the classroom. They're bright, fun, & seem to get kids excited when they see them. But that's not all they're good for, here are my top uses/reasons why magnetic letters are one of my classroom essentials. 

I've even got a FREEBIE for you.

Magnetic Letters Are:

  • Fast and Easy: little hands will have no issue manipulating these tools
  • Engaging: your learner will be an active participant 
  • Hands on: promoting a deeper content connection
  • Offer Learner Safety: making an error feels less defeating when using moveable pieces - I've seen kiddos shut down when spelling words at the small group table when needing to erase their response to make a change but magnets offer the feeling of "play" that makes spelling/letter sounds safer and more comfortable (from my experiences) 
  • Differentiation: the letters make it easy to switch up activities to meet the needs of different learners

Here are a few of my favorite ways to utilize magnetic letters for differentiation in my classroom throughout the entire year

Letter Recognition and Matching:  

Matching uppercase to lowercase and vice versa is a skill that's practiced most of the year in kindergarten. For this reason, I wanted to share an uppercase freebie with you to help support that beginning of the school year practice.

Freebie Preview - To download: click the pink "download here" button at the bottom of this page

Initial Sounds:

For your students who master letter names and can match them with ease - offer differentiated letter content to them like using initial sound cards

Initial Sounds + CVC's + Blending Sounds 

For students who have mastered their sounds, use the knowledge of initial sounds to solve secret CVC cards and blend those sounds to form  CVC words

All of these magnetic letter activities can be found in bundle via the blue button - to learn more about it, click it and it will direct you to my shop. To grab your freebie: click the pink "free download" button below. Enjoy!

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