Decompose with Bowling

Hands-on decomposing was ALL the rage last year in my kindergarten classroom thanks to these AMAZING mummy bowling pins from Target's Halloween section for $10. I paired them with this easy to use matching FREEBIE.

My kinder's had already learned how to subtract/decompose numbers, so I was able to offer this activity as a center rotation ALL month, by request, for one of our weekly math games. 


There are 2 FREE recording options to offer differentiation for your learners. To prepare, I just printed 5 double sided recording sheets & placed them in a sleeve and put the pins & bowling balls into a large Dollar Tree bucket. 

My kiddos LOVED the extra hands-on and kinesthetic approach to subtracting numbers. So this October instead of cut & pasting math sheets, let your kiddos get hands-on and decompose, mummy style! 

I picked up my mummy bowling pins from Target last year and noticed they're back this year!
*not an affiliate or sponsored link - just seriously love these little mummies*

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