Snap Cube Paths

I don't know about you... but, no-prep and hands-on activities are a must-have for this busy teacher! I needed an activity that would offer my students an engaging task but also offer problem-solving opportunities that look very similar to coding.

Christmas Kit is Show
Since I'm a  HUGE fan of looping resources, I wanted this activity to be one that I could continue providing throughout the year in a math center or anytime tub to help build up independence, ongoing fine motor practice, directional practice and of course counting routines.

I've taught this lesson with both kindergarten & first grade classes. We started out with an interactive anchor chart using pre-printed post-it's. Because I have many classes this year, I used a laminated poster-board to create my anchor path chart and just quickly sharpied on 6 rows and 6 columns that would fit a post-it.

I printed my start, end, path pieces and challenge pieces onto post it's for easy sticking and to make it interactive for my kiddos. Since we are using snap-cubes directions for the independent activity, I wanted my anchor chart to match the task to best support their learning. *arrange how you'd like but try to offer multiple paths for students to problem solve as a whole group*

After we practiced Simon Says with our (up, down, left, right) directions and completed our anchor chart together, the students worked independently to code a path on their own snap path mat using snap cubes. For this resource, I focused on the tip of the snap-cube being the directional arrow and monitored student work to ensure they're using the correct directions.

Once students completed their path, there are different follow up activities included in this kit that to review foundational math skills like: counting, making a pattern, graphing or writing down their directional sequence if you want your kiddos to be little directional code writers!

Find this exact activity and other similar kits: click the blue button! To scoop up one free path mat for your kiddos to try, click the pink button!

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