February "Hug" Theme Read Aloud Freebie and Activities

Happy Sunday! February is such a great month for reading aloud picture books about LOVE, kindness, friendship and HUGS! Today, I'm sharing two funny texts with H U G S, a matching freebie and read aloud activity ideas! 

First up, a FREE ACTIVITY (grab it here) for Hug Machine by Scott Campbell! In the story, we see a little boy who LOVES to hug ALL THE THINGS, I mean he IS the Hug Machine. Trust me when I say it, little readers really get a kick out of the illustrations and they spark great *after reading* conversations about opinions of hugs and memorable hugs!

Another fun idea after reading is some list making! Have your kiddos work with a partner or alone to come up with different people in their lives they like to HUG! 

For the GRAND finale, a fun writing craft! Primary learners are getting great fine motor practice from cutting but also the chance to interact with the text in a silly way. Give your kiddos time to brainstorm, write and craft!

To give the extra layer of sturdiness, back the craft and 1/2 sheet writing paper onto a "background" paper! You can grab this FREE resource by clicking here! 

For the second text, Nobody Hugs a Cactus by Carter Goodrich, we meet a very PRICKLY cactus, Hank! Hank likes to be alone until one day he realizes... maybe he doesn't after discovering nobody wants to hug him. Poor Hank! In the end, Hank really learns the value of HUGS and kindness! 

This text is also packed the the brim with educational value for little learners. I really like it for digging deep with character changes and having my kiddos help identify Hank from the beginning to end using the illustrations/text. 

Retelling is one of my all time favorite primary skills and this is a funny text to retell! Students can use moveable picture cards to sequence and practice retelling it in their own words. You can grab the retelling cards here!

And again, for the GRAND finale, I love offering my kiddos fun writing crafts for text interactions or letting them making connections. You can grab this Hank writing craft by clicking here!

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