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My name is Alicia Woodfin. I'm currently a kindergarten teacher within the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex! This is my fifth year in the classroom. Before teaching kindergarten, I taught two years of 4th grade math + writing. I absolutely love teaching math and quickly realized my passion was to develop a strong number sense in my learners that would set them up with success for life-long learning! With this realization, I quickly moved down to kinder! Honestly, I never saw myself in kindergarten, but I fell HEAD OVER HEELS in love very quickly.

Kindergarten has been such a pure joy for me both personally and professionally. I've been able to tap into all outlets of my creativity to enhance learning and build relationships with my kiddos. Hands-on learning, bringing in creativity to lessons, and upping student engagement have become my true loves for education and helping my learners WANT to learn and love it at the same time. These three elements have greatly impacted my students and took their learning to the next level! My heart melts when my kiddos tell me, "I love school" and "you make learning fun". It's my mission to bring in elements of "play" in all classroom learning and beyond.

As of December 2018, I have completed my Master Degree in Library Science and will one day transition into a school library to bring this same type of mindset to reach all students in an elementary setting and support their classroom teachers!

When I'm not in the classroom, you will still find me aesthetically creating and engaging on my little slice of the internet via instagram! 

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