Welcome to Primary Scouts, I'm Alicia! I'm the sole maker & thinker behind the brand, a Kindergarten Teacher and a certified Librarian living in Texas.

The idea and name of Primary Scouts stems from my passion of foundational learning and always needing to explore, I mean... Scout, new and creative learning ideas for my primary learners.

My teaching experiences span from teaching 4th Grade Math - to instilling a love of reading and STEM in the Library - to spending years in KINDER, where I honestly feel like I have the opportunity to do all the things that bring me joy >>  nurture a love of reading, take on STEM challenges AND engage my kiddos in hands-on math activities.

Both Primary Scouts and my personal vision is all about intentional and creative learning to help build the strongest primary foundation possible! I hit a personal milestone when I was awarded, the 2019, district Trailblazer Award for innovation and creative thinking in the classroom.

In 2018, I earned my Master Degree in Library Science and am certified to teach as a Librarian. Picture books, reading reviews and selecting the most noteworthy books are an essential and a hobby.

When I'm not teaching or creating, I'm splitting my time between my 14 year old dachshund, Scout and probably having lunch out on patio.

I do hope you'll stick around for all the fun things happening here at Primary Scouts and even connect to say heyyyy over on Instagram.

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